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The explosion of alternative data

Market Watch

A comprehensive write up on alt data’s explosive growth, current state, and merge into the mainstream. Read More »

ESG investing – The search for ground truth


Amidst recent calls for corporate social responsibility, Nanalyze turns to alternative data to evaluate the “ground truth” of corporations’ impacts. Read More »

Bloomberg is making complex alternative data sets easier to use for hedge funds

Business Insider (subscription)

The juggernaut wants to make it easier for investors to digest complex, unique datasets. Read More »

One of the world’s oldest quants is going all-in with robots


Millburn is a $7.5 billion money manager with roots almost as old as quant-investing itself, and is going all-in with machine learning. Read More »

How data services sourcing options are changing in financial services

International Banker

Increasing data volumes, user demands, and data sources are driving change towards managed services. Read More »

Google’s latest free tools tap into big data without destroying your privacy


The search giant is sharing its secrets for learning about people without exposing individuals. Read More »

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