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What to say in a machine learning interview on the buy-side


Sebastien Guglietta, Brevan Howard’s co-head of ‘computational intelligence systematic strategies’ gives 6 pointers on approaching a buy-side machine learning interview. Read More »

Point 72 used big data to short Weight Watchers, Dave & Buster’s

Bloomberg Quint

Using metrics like geo-location data and social sentiment, Point 72 has found success in applying alternative data to short selling. Read More »

Guide: step-by-step alternative data analysis

Data Driven Investor

Data Driven Investor gives readers a step-by-step guide to perform analysis and data visualization on Quandl’s RS Metrics MetalSignals dataset. Read More »

Financial trading firms are wooing top minds with “exciting” datasets


Driven by the desire to work with large and complex datasets, top mathematical minds are excited by the “faster-than-academia” world of finance. Read More »

GreenKey to release front-end audio analysis dashboard

Waters Technology (subscription)

The new tool, called the Blotter, will be a window into unstructured audio data as a form of operational alpha for the buy and sell sides. Read More »

The era of quantum supremacy has officially arrived

The Economist (subscription)

A new Google experiment is a widely-credible demonstration of a quantum computer outperforming its classical counterpart, which may in time boost fields such as machine learning. Read More »

Protecting portfolios from climate risk

Advisor’s Edge

Amidst accelerating trends, institutional investors are developing methods to measure exposure to climate change. Read More »

Buyout funds and stocks show “almost perfect co-movement”

Institutional Investor

New alternative data shows that while public markets are more volatile, they tend to perform similarly to leveraged buyouts. Read More »

How big data and AI have transformed business culture


In today’s landscape, it’s becoming harder to remember a time when data analysts regularly toiled away far from the spotlight. Read More »

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