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The (Weak) Link Between Alternative Data and Inside Information

Quandl Blog

Quandl CEO Tammer Kamel ponders the ethics of alternative data and concludes: a) “alternative” is not synonomous with “inside” and b) targeted advertising is a lot more evil. Read More

China’s Official Economic Stats Reasonably Credible, Alternative Data Show

Financial Review

In today’s most surprising piece: a growing universe of big data offers an increasingly complete alternative view on China’s economy, and it’s not massively different from the official statistics. Read More

Is ‘New Data’ the Best Hope for Hedge Funds?

The Financial Revolutionist

In the aftermath of the end of the Golden Age for hedge funds, the Financial Revolutionist asks: what would Hyman Roth do? The answer is not: “cling to the hope that the same old same old will work again.” Read More

Wall Street’s 0.01%: The Guru Who Only Talks to Hedge-Fund Elite


“It’s Target vs. Hermes.” Jens Nordvig sells his advice to 6 elite hedge funds, and no one else. But like many before him, he understands the need to go downmarket. His first dataset on how the yuan exchange rate is influenced by China’s buying or selling of dollars is coming soon. Read More

Earth Observation Manufacturing, Data Markets Continue Expansion


Like the moons in Seveneves, is it only a matter of time before satellites start crashing into each other? We kid, we kid. But 163 50+ kilogram satellites were launched into the sky between 2006 and 2015, and another 419 are expected over the next decade, not including the hundreds of sub 50 kilo sats. This is a $40 billion manufacturing opportunity and a $3 billion commercial data services opportunity. Expanding, just like the universe. Read More

Has the Decline of Oil Affected The Home Depot?

Quandl Blog

One of our analysts used a Quandl alternative dataset of over 10 billion building permit data points to analyze the Houston home improvement market in the wake of oil’s crash. Her results suggest that things may not be as rosy as Home Depot CEO Craig Menear indicated in his Q1 earnings call. See what you think. Read More

New Dynamic In High Frequency Trading Wars: Intelligent Speed


With the advent of IEX speedbumps and an agreement that HFT has reached a plateau, the future industry wave is about speed in analyzing information about speed. This is meta at its best. A summary of Larry Tabb’s latest research. Read More

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