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BlueMountain Capital’s alternative data veteran joins the Quandl team

Various Sources

Evan Reich will lead Quandl’s data strategy and sourcing team to find new alternative data sources relevant to clients. Business Insider » The Trade » Yahoo Finance »

Thasos faces staff consolidation moving forward

Business Insider (subscription)

Recent shifts at Thasos have consolidated their staff as the company continues to evolve with the alt data landscape. Read More »

Why quant jobs in finance no longer need finance knowledge


Cornell machine learning professor, Marcos Lopez de Prado, points out quants’ lessening need for financial knowledge due to data obfuscation. Read More »

FactSet’s Rich Newman on open data

WatersTechnology (podcast)

FactSet’s Rich Newman joins Waters Technology’s weekly podcast to talk about the challenges facing the alternative data space and why open data is becoming increasingly important. Full Episode »

Wall Street used to crunch numbers. They’ve moved on to stories

Bloomberg (subscription)

Using algorithms and earnings calls, Carlyle researchers are looking into how the stories on Wall Street impact bottom lines. Read More »

Goldman Sachs’ quant business now rivals AQR and Two Sigma

Business Insider (subscription)

Goldman’s Quantitative Investing Strategies group, one of Wall Street’s biggest and fastest growing units, has doubled its AUM in 2.5 years. Read More »

It’s possible to monetize data while respecting consumer privacy – here’s how


Rising consumer demands for more privacy are driving safer, more ethical, and more efficient data-based business models. Read More »

Alt data: The next-gen payments trend increasing loyalty


Retailers can generate more business-critical insights than ever before by gathering and analyzing consumer purchasing web data. Read More »

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