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Something very strange is going on with bitcoin and BTC Google searches


It appears someone is manipulating Google searches for Bitcoin and BTC, possibly in order to move Bitcoin’s price. Algorithms using search trend data beware… Read More »

China says growth is fine. Private data show a sharper slowdown

The Wall Street Journal (subscription)

Beneath China’s stable headline numbers, alternative data gives validation to growing beliefs that the real picture is much worse. Read More »

Wall Street’s spending big on the public cloud

Business Insider (subscription)

With accelerating rates of innovation, Wall Street’s great data migration has increased the time and money spent on moving from physical servers to the cloud. Read More »

Silicon Valley’s worst enemy returns with even more power

Bloomberg (subscription)

Margrethe Vestager will oversee issues relating to artificial intelligence, big data, innovation, and cybersecurity. Read More »

Hedge funds plan to pour more money into alternative data

Institutional Investor

With 82% of hedge funds using alternative data in some capacity, Lowenstein Sandler’s newest report highlights the importance of cost and quality. Read More »Full Report »

Schroders grows Systematic Investments unit

Wealth Adviser

Former Global Head of Quantitative Research at Barclays UK, Antonia Lim will combine the best of Schroders’ fundamental and quantitative investing teams. Read More »

The qualification for a $125k ‘strat job’ on Wall Street


“Strats”, a kind of hybrid of quants, programmers, data scientists, and traders, have become some of the most in-demand people in finance. Read More »

DMVs are selling your data to private investigators

Motherboard (Vice)

Members of the public may not be aware that when personal information is provided to obtain a driver’s license, the DMV often turns around and offers that information for sale. Read More »

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