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Alarms sound over hedge funds’ data usage

Financial News

It was bound to happen: Privacy experts are now questioning the ethics of hedge funds using data in their trading strategies. Read More

Orthogonal signals from alternative data

Integrity Research Associates

A thoughtful, actionable piece from Vinesh Jha of Extract Alpha on how best to leverage alternative data. Read More

Text, Twitter and turning quantamental

International Business Times

This article sheds light on the value — or lack thereof — of Twitter and the extensive labor required of sentiment analysts. Read More

The promise of AI in AgTech


A close look at how AI can improve farming, with an eye towards feeding the world. Read More

Economists look to the sky to drive policy


Night lights from satellite imagery help economists understand the economic activity of a given country. Read More

FX traders going ‘quantamental’


A growing number of foreign exchange traders are extolling the virtues of the quantamental approach, noting that pure quant models underperform comparatively. Read More

Computer-selected highlights from US Open

The New York Times

Turns out machines are good at gauging consumer excitement levels. Either that or IBM Watson is a Federer fan. Read More

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