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Man Group’s successful foray into AI


While none of his engineers could explain why Man Group’s AI was working, it was, and so CEO Luke Ellis took a risk. Read More

Welcome to Quant 3.0 [Podcast]

Bloomberg View

A conversation with Credit Suisse’s Matthew Rothman on the quant era that has arisen out of a fully digitized world. Read More

Buffett’s hedge fund bet was a virtual sure thing

Bloomberg View

Warren Buffett bet Ted Seides that the S&P 500 index would outperform the latter’s fund of funds over 10 years. Buffett won but the victory was hollow. Read More

Learning effects, network effects and runaway leaders


Learning effects are to ML as network effects were to the internet revolution. TechCrunch gives a good primer on how they work. Read More

CLS sharpens market focus with launches in three business lines


CLS rebrands itself as a provider of a broad range of post-trade risk management products. (N.B., their real-time currency data is available via Quandl.) Read More

Equifax CEO ‘retires’


A couple weeks after a massive breach, the CEO of Equifax calls it quits in what is quickly becoming a cautionary tale for the data economy. Read More

State Street unveils ML-based quant solution


Boston-based State Street is launching a new service called Quantextual Idea Lab, which uses ML algorithms to simplify investment research. Read More

S&P Global Market Intelligence launches Xpressfeed™

Business Insider

Amid the buzzwords, S&P announces a new data product comprised of the world’s largest collection of corporate transcripts delivered in machine-readable format. Read More

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