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The mainstreaming of alternative data


Quant hedge funds are buying as much data as they can, according to this alt data piece from Quartz. Read More

Now Apple needs to reinvent the digital economy

Financial Times

Ten years after the first iPhone, we have a data dilemma on our hands. While the EU is committed to putting consumer privacy first, this article calls on Apple for help. Read More

Human perception and fleeting data


A responsible view of the inevitability of alternative data alongside good old-fashioned human critical thinking. Read More

Family offices and alternative data


Neudata CEO Rado Lipuš talks about the interest he’s seeing from family offices in alternative data. Read More

Emerging trends in emerging data


Are emerging datasets a luxury or a necessity? This report from Celent offers an answer in what they are calling Market Data 2.0. Read More

SEC reveals it was hacked

Washington Post

The SEC’s EDGAR database was breached, likely for illicit financial gain. Read More

The implications of the Equifax breach

The Economist

The recent Equifax breach raises several security and privacy issues, including the risks associated with big data storage and a company’s ability to curtail cyberattacks. Read More

Dataminr opens office in Dublin

The Irish Times

Social and news analysis company Dataminr opens a Dublin office to meet growing European demand. Read More

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