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Blackrock’s technology imperatives

South China Morning Post

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink explains the three ways he predicts technology transforming his company’s business, including leveraging alternative data created in the last three to five years. Read More

Alt data’s role in passive vs. active investing

Pensions & Investments

Alternative data will likely upend the shift to passive investment strategies by adding more data to portfolio managers’ models and improving performance. Read More

Investors happy with alternative data returns


According to one study, 90% of investors are seeing the returns they expected from alternative data usage. Read More

Alt data boosts profit margins by up to 35%


Quinlan & Associates has just released its latest report on the applications of alternative data in asset management. Read More

Fallout from Equifax breach


The recent Equifax breach could get in the way of the finance industry’s push to relax regulation. Read More

The case for private company data

International Business Times

The use cases for alternative data continue to develop, with buyers now looking to understand private firms and competitors. Read More

Spike in shoppers at Whole Foods following price cuts


Footfall data indicates a 25% increase in visits to Whole Foods following Amazon’s price drop. Email receipt data sheds light on basket size. Read More

The value of alternative data in investment decisions

Digital Journal

Quandl’s Chief Marketing Officer Carrie Shaw explains the value of alternative data and outlines supply challenges. Read More

Nearly half of companies now commercializing data


We’ve teamed up with Forrester to bring you a webinar that will examine data commercialization and best practices for successfully taking data to market. Read More

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