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Bananas About Inflation

Markets For Good

Nick Eng and Neal Myrick present 3 case studies of enterprising researchers using alternative data sources to estimate macro-economic indicators such as inflation, poverty and purchasing power. Read More


Business Insider

A new research report from McKinsey suggests that monetizing car data on a global scale could lead to revenues of $450 billion by 2030. At least some of that revenue will come from hedge funds trawling car data for market insight. Read More

Too Many Images, Not Enough Insight

Northern Sky Research

NSR’s Prateep Basu writes that “the earth observation industry is faltering in ground-up market development”: there are too many satellites, and not enough applications for the data they produce. He calls for smart “small data” companies to fill the gap. Read More

Fear And Loathing On Wall Street

Business Insider

Sentiment data may be passé – but what if it’s your own sentiment being measured? Some hedge funds have started parsing chat logs and email threads in real time to identify when their traders are overly emotional, and prone to bad decisions. Sell, Mortimer, sell! Read More

Quantamental Investing Is Here To Stay

Business Insider

In a thoughtful interview, Point72’s head of data Matthew Granade suggests that different modes of investing — fundamental, discretionary, quantitative, and alternative data driven — are converging into a single hybrid style of portfolio management. Read More

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