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Two battlefronts that define quant’s future leaders

Citywire Selector

The fight for superior information processes and the battle for innovation in security modelling and portfolio construction will underpin future leaders’ success. Read More »

What runs the stock market? Computers, algorithms, and passive managers

The Economist (subscription)

Far gone are the days on Wall Street of gaining information advantages from newspaper, television, and ticker tape. Read More »

Vanguard pushes into FX using blockchain

Bloomberg (subscription)

Vanguard is testing a new way for asset managers to trade currencies and avoid big investment banks, using blockchain technology developed for application in capital markets. Read More »

How alternative data is changing investing

Payments Innovation (podcast)

The Payments Innovation Podcast sits down with Quandl’s Bill Dague to discuss how the changing data science field is generating unexpected benefits. Listen to the Podcast »

The future of data privacy starts in California


What happens when Californians can sue for data breaches? In the race to compliance, the golden state’s new policy could have national ramifications. Read More »

AI disruption stands to outpace Wall Street’s adoption

Business Insider (subscription)

Many Wall Street firms plan to integrate AI down the road, however the accelerating adoption curve may leave some in the dust. Read More »

Quant hedge funds crimp pay as data costs rise

eFinancial Careers

Funds’ growth necessitates further investment in data and infrastructure, ultimately dialing back the firm’s bottom line. Read More »

More drones, more data: unmanned deliveries set to increase

Bloomberg (subscription)

UPS has won a certification to fly drones under regulations similar to airlines, marking a likely increase in drone activity moving forward. Read More »

How to respond to climate change if you are an algorithm

The Economist

Produced entirely by a natural-language processing algorithm, these essays are literally an AI’s response to questions surrounding climate change. Read More »

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