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Building the Warren Buffett algorithm

Business Insider

Peer behind the curtain at how a London-based quant team is training their algorithms to invest like Warren Buffett. Read More »

Quant trades are misfiring: time to adapt and apply


Inform your models with a window into what happens (and how to correct course) when systematic investment strategies misfire. Read More »

Cyber attack hits prominent hedge fund

Institutional Investor

Exercise caution when receiving unrecognized or unprompted communications. Get the details of the recent attack on Arena Investors and two nonprofits. Read More »

Quants’ salaries at Renaissance Technologies


Catch a glimpse of how much quants make at the notoriously generous Renaissance Technology. Read More »

Google confirms ‘quantum supremacy’

The Washington Post

Ride the qubits into the quantum age with an eye-opening report of what Google’s milestone achievement means for the world of computing. Read More »

Alternative data drives S&P’s global growth


See how S&P is using their access to alternative data to position themselves for future growth. Read More »

Why financial research needs an AI-led revamp

Citywire Selector

Take stock of the status quo in financial research, peering into how data science and AI stand to help pull the field into modern times. Read More »

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