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2019’s rising stars of Wall Street

Business Insider (subscription)

Meet the next crop of leaders across Wall Street, spanning quant funds, alt data providers and beyond. Read More »

Your salary at Bridgewater Associates


Functioning on a culture of ‘radical truth and radical transparency’, take a look at the salaries earned by the ranks of Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater team. Read More »

Blackstone talks stake with Citadel

The Wall Street Journal

Blackstone Group has held talks to buy a stake in Ken Griffin’s Citadel LLC – Get the latest on a deal that would unite two of the biggest names in investing. Read More »

Alt data’s midlife crisis

Waters Technology (subscription)

With maturity comes growing pains; a reality that the world of alt data has recently been reminded of. See how the industry plans to grow into its shoes. Read More »

Revealing alpha in web data


Looking for alternative uses for alternative data? Nanalyze expands on various ways scraped web data can be leveraged. Read More »

Man hire highlights hedge fund moves to hone data, AI roles


Recap recent industry movement that highlights the need for hedge funds to live on the cutting edge when processing new information sets. Read More »

Tanking performance doesn’t deter crypto hedging

Business Insider (subscription)

See why hedge funds continue pumping money into crypto despite lackluster performance. Read More »

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