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Your Email Receipts Predict Amazon’s and Uber’s Revenue


Where and when people spend their money is invaluable insight for everything from measuring the state of the economy as a whole to studying individual goods and services. More and more receipts from spending show up in our email inboxes, allowing us to perform that analysis in near realtime. In this post from Quandl’s “Alternative Data In Action” series we present analysis of Amazon and Uber performance based on a million North American email receipts. Read More

There’s a New Breed of Trader on Wall Street, and They’re Becoming the New ‘Masters of the Universe’

Business Insider

Comparing quantamental investors to cockapoos may not sound great, but the analogy works when describing people who combine bottom up stock picking with big data analysis. In this world, the new “masters of the universe are no longer the folks wearing suits and going to galas- it’s the folks crunching data on Python and going to meetups.” Read More

The Big Data Race

The Telegraph

Once the treasure of academics and geeky hedge fund managers, alternative data in its many forms is now being sought by the big boys. Mainstream powerhouses like Goldman Sachs have joined the race for data, and with last year being one of the toughest for wealth management companies, it seems like they have some catching up to do. Read More

Farmers Edge Investing Millions in Sustainable Crop Production

Manitoba Co-Operator

It’s promising news when an international commodities trading firm invests in an AgTech company. Farmers Edge uses data to make crop production more sustainable. It’s the yields and profits that this data might be able to predict that make AgTech an industry to keep watching. Read More

First Steps to Innovating Your Investment Process with Alternative Data

Eagle Alpha

Our friends over at EagleAlpha produced this White Paper that outlines specific steps asset managers can take to start incorporating alternative data into their investment process, covering meaty topics like staffing, budgets, and organizational dynamics. Pour yourself a drink and start reading. Read More

How the Street Light Has Been Given a Hi-tech Makeover


Forget about car counting and start thinking about street lights. Data-collecting LEDs are increasingly lighting up city streets. Their data-gathering capabilities have been hailed as crime fighters, turtle protectors, and cyclist-saviors, but evidence suggests they also collect data around traffic patterns better than satellites counting cars. Read More

Why Hedge Funds, Militaries, and NGOs All Want This Company’s Satellites


Another one from the annals of “satellite data is good for finance”. This time it’s a review of Spire Global. With inexpensive, one-time-use satellites the size of whiskey bottles, Spire wants to collect data that no one else can by doing something truly unique: listening, as opposed to watching. Read More

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