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Alpha versus privacy: A lunch order hypothetical

Data Driven Investor

A hypothetical scenario of buying lunch order data addresses the all-too-real concern of privacy versus alpha in Data Driven Investor’s recent post. Read More »

How does UBS’s Quantitative Evidence & Data Science team function?


Led by Bryan Cross, the asset manager’s QED team aims to blend quant and fundamental techniques to find unique solutions to new problems. Read More »

The world’s top quant to Wall Street: “You’re (mostly) doing it wrong”

Bloomberg (subscription)

Marcos Lopez de Prado literally wrote the book on applying tech to finance. Now, he’s delivering a reality check to Wall Street’s active managers. Read More »

The SEC is hiring a Chief Data Officer

Business Insider (subscription)

Wall Street’s top rule maker is bringing on someone to help oversee a wide berth of data-related responsibilities. Read More »

An update on the Volfefe index’s performance

US News & World Report

Following JP Morgan’s “Volfefe” index, several financial institutions have asked: How do Trump’s tweets affect market performance? Read More »

Man GLG bumps up alt data use with newest teammate

Citywire Selector

Man GLG has hired Paul Chambers as Head of Quantitative Investment & Research as the UK group seeks to step up its use of alternative data. Read More »

Removing human bias from predictive modeling

Wharton (UPenn)

Wharton’s James Johndrow discusses his research on removing human bias from predictive modeling. Read and Listen Here »

Beware ESG greenwashing amongst institutions

Institutional Investor

New data from SquareWell Partners indicates that firms’ ESG agreements may not have their intended impact on investing. Read More »

Satellites used to track oil’s unpredictability


In the wake of recent attacks on crude processing facilities, alternative data provided by satellites lends essential insights into inventories. Read More »

How much is your privacy really worth?


Putting a price on privacy involves pulling from several hard-to-quantify sources, not to mention antiquated laws. Should we stop trying? Read More »

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