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The perils of curve-fitting


Man Group CIO Sandy Rattray envisions adoption in machine learning when quants eventually loosen their control and start to let “the model learn from the data on its own”. Read More

Morgan Stanley’s report on quant investing


A summary of salient points from Morgan Stanley’s 65-page report on factor and quant-based investing, with an eye towards areas most poised for future growth. Read More

AI teaches itself sentiment analysis

Digital Journal

When tasked with predicting the next character in Amazon reviews, OpenAI’s neural network ended up analyzing sentiment — without any input from its creators.Read More

From satellite signals to stock picking


The COO of Empiric Capital discusses the valuable intersection between technology and stock returns. Read More

The race to AI in finance is a marathon, not a sprint

Bloomberg Professional Services

The future of finance that many envision, one where robots identify trends or make independent decisions, is still a long way off. AI continues to be more an augmentation to task-oriented projects where human intervention is essential. Read More

Fintech’s many verticals

Hacker Noon

This article takes a look at why and how the financial services industry is best positioned to utilize AI across a number of wide-spanning applications. Read More

Satellite-imagery estimates carbon emissions


Though not directly related to finance, something still worth noting: Satellite-imagery is helping to estimate carbon levels in the atmosphere. Read More

Whole Foods price cuts attract new customers

Business Insider

Our friends over at Thasos Group released a report on major retailer foot traffic, captured from mobile geolocation data. Read More

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