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Traders have long way to go in use of AI and alt data

Pensions & Investments

The industry is still largely focused on “good, clean market data” but needs to adapt to the rapidly evolving data economy. Read More

Deloitte report: Alternative data for investment decisions


Deloitte put together a comprehensive report on alternative data for investment management, with an aim to help early adopters evaluate and mitigate risk. Read Summary » Read Report »

Two Sigma rises rapidly to top of quant hedge fund world

Financial Times

Two Sigma jumped past the $50bn AUM mark earlier this month, putting it on par with Renaissance. Read More

Tech giants pay huge salaries for scarce AI talent

The New York Times

It’s simple supply and demand: Fewer than 10,000 people in the world have the skills necessary to tackle serious artificial intelligence research. Read More

Satellite data shows promise for oil


Satellite data suggests that the energy and financial markets may be underestimating China’s demand for oil. Read More

Location data needs more than GPS


Tall buildings, vertical location and surroundings are some of the challenges Foursquare is tackling with machine learning. Read More

How universities are failing finance students

Institutional Investor

Finance programs still focused on the capital asset pricing model are ignoring alternative data and putting their students at a disadvantage. Read More

Alt data trends: ESG, unstructured and non-US data


Neudata Founder and CEO Rado Lipuš offers some valuable insights on alternative data for the buy-side. Read More

Computer finds missile sites with satellite data


Interested in applications of satellite imagery and deep machine learning outside of finance? Here’s a piece on how US defense and intelligence agencies are using the technology. Read More

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