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Robots are coming for these Wall Street jobs


Bloomberg illustrates with ingenuity the struggle between humans and automation in Wall Street. Some jobs have proven far more challenging for computers to take over. See if yours is at risk. Read More

Ocean’s blockchain protocol to power decentralized data marketplaces for AI

International Business Times

Ocean aims to democratize data with blockchain technology, making it accessible to a much broader set of people — while still respecting privacy. Read More

Maverick Capital starting two quant funds

Business Insider

Proof positive that data science and quantitative analysis continue to hold the attention of fundamental managers. Read More

Using alternative data for good measure

Financial News

AXA Rosenberg Equities has begun using language-processing algorithms to scour company reports and news to track companies with the best approach to ESG. Read More

Three things data scientists can do to help themselves and their organizations


IBT presents three actions that any data scientist can take to maximize benefit to themselves and to the companies that they serve. Read More

Blockchain goes corporate

International Business Times

2017 marked a record-breaking peak in corporate funding for blockchain projects. Japanese finance giant SBI Holdings was the world’s largest investor, beating out Google. Read More

Alternative datasets lead to smarter investments

Seeking Alpha

YCharts explains how new alternative datasets can lead to smarter investments for managers, highlighting the power of events-focused data. Read More

Charting the US retail revolution

Financial Times (subscription)

The retail industry is not going away but many traditional players are adapting to the new digital realities — posing challenges for investors. Read More

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