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Announcing the third annual Quandl Data Conference


We are pleased to announce the 2019 Quandl Data Conference, to be held February 28, 2019, in New York City. Join us as we share the latest and greatest thinking around the adoption and infrastructure of data-driven investing. Read More

Is alt data facing an ethical day of reckoning?

Waters Technology (subscription)

The alt-data industry is seen to be worth over $350 million by 2020, but some are wondering whether the financial services sector is on the brink of its own Cambridge Analytica moment, or if it’s time for an alt data ethics evaluation. Read More

The big problem with machine learning algorithms


Machine learning is enabling investors to tap into huge datasets such as social media postings in ways that no mere human could. Yet, despite the enormous potential, its success record remains mixed. Read More

Capital markets spending on alt data seen to double over five-year period

Aite Group

Aite Group expects capital markets spending on alternative data to increase to US$901 million by 2021, more than doubling the US$446 million in 2017. Read More

Fidelity to launch crypto trading platform for institutional clients

The Street

Fidelity Digital Assets will offer custody and trade execution services for cryptocurrencies to institutional investors such as hedge funds, family offices, and market intermediaries. The services will be limited to bitcoin and ether. Read More

Planet Analytics: A new solution for analyzing satellite imagery

Geospatial World

Planet announced the beta release of Planet Analytics, which leverages machine learning to transform global, daily satellite imagery into information feeds that detect and classify objects, identify geographic features, and monitor change over time. Read More

Crux Informatics closes $20 million Series B financing round

Crux Informatics

Data engineering and information supply chain operator Crux Informatics has closed $20 million in a Series B funding round. The round includes recent investor Two Sigma, as well as follow-on investments from Goldman Sachs and Citi. Read More

A bizarre thing happens when A.I. tells people their fortunes

Washington Post (subscription)

When Alexander Reben began feeding thousands of inspirational expressions he scraped off the internet into an algorithm he designed, the results took the artist and MIT-trained roboticist by surprise. Read More

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