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New on Quandl: Intraday FX data

Finance Magnates

We are pleased to announce that CLS’ near real-time FX volume, pricing and order flow data reports are now available on Quandl. Finance Magnates reports on the deal. Read More

System2 predicts JCPenney store closures


Matei Zatreanu, formerly of King Street Capital, explains how he uses alternative data to predict retailer performance for real estate customers. Read More

Insider trading and data privacy


Questions are being raised about compliance as investors clamor for alpha-generating datasets. When exactly does investing with this information become insider trading? Read More

The simplest way to gauge the oil market


Non-profit shares their straightforward recipe for calculating oil storage tank levels. Get your rulers ready. Read More

Building profit from data

Construction Global

Quandl CEO Tammer Kamel discusses the value of data from the construction industry. Read More

Farmers Edge and Planet ink partnership


The two companies are joining forces to help growers across the world improve crop performance with “the world’s largest fleet of earth imaging satellites”. Read More

Goldman Sachs hires a chief data officer

Business Insider

Goldman Sachs showcases its commitment to technology and data with its latest hire. Read More

Nasdaq CEO comments on the company’s future

Financial Times (subscription)

After a company-wide review, Nasdaq looks to modernize with data and analytics. Read More

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