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Yes, you have a secret consumer score

New York Times

Find out what the data consists of, how it’s used, and what it means for consumer privacy. NYT includes a list of providers and how to request a copy of your data. Read More »

Gregory Zuckerman on the quant revolution

Bloomberg (Audio)

Listen as Zuckerman discusses big trades, big firms, and the big personality driving his newest book, “The Man Who Solved the Market”. Listen Here »

Are quant funds becoming utilities?


Citing “a certain irreducible size”, Cantab’s CIO Ewan Kirk provokes the thought of quant funds facing the challenges of natural monopoly. Read More »

Quant doubts about a robot future

Bloomberg (subscription)

Hire a quant while you wait for AI. While artificial intelligence is undoubtedly the future, read the latest quips as to why the wait continues. Read More »

Disrupting the secretive world of quants

Investment Magazine (Audio)

Tune in for a conversation between Investment Magazine and Quantopian’s John Fawcett discussing the “secretive nature” of quants and quant funds. Listen Here »

Ethical pressures boost ESG funds

Financial Times (subscription)

Follow the smart beta strategies employed using ESG data, despite a small total AUM within funds. Read More »

Beware hedge funds hiring from resumes


Your resume may be doing you a disservice. See how quant firms are prioritizing assessments over resumes to filter talent from a wider pool. Read More »

5 old trading docs you might enjoy

Tracy Alloway

Dig into a cache of old trading videos and documentaries, compiled by Tracy Alloway after a trip down the rabbit hole. Watch Here »

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