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Black Friday Surprise

Quandl Blog

Spot the online sales trends driving some of Black Friday’s biggest brands using Quandl’s E-Commerce Intelligence dataset. Read the Blog Post

Congress considers reining in alt data

Markets Media

Citing the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, find out how Congress plans to integrate consumer protection with alt data in the coming years. Read More

Academic wrecking ball swings at hedge funds

Bloomberg ($)

Explore the impact of a new paper, “When Equity Factors Drop Their Shorts”, and see how it places short positions in the crosshairs. Read More Read the Full Paper

Quandl unveils new E-Commerce Intelligence dataset

Multiple Sources

We’ve announced our newest dataset, E-Commerce Intelligence, empowering investors to monitor product-level sales on a near real-time basis. Hedgeweek »Waters Tech »Business Wire

How ML is changing how we invest

Financial Advisor

Join Bristol Gate’s Richard Hamm to see how machine learning will contribute to an estimated $1 trillion impact across finance. Read More

Quant fund managers need a bodyguard


See which hedge fund is searching for a bodyguard, despite a fun and autonomous ethos. Read More

E-tailers taking mall space as merchants dwindle

New York Post

Untangle the death of the American mall by looking at how e-tailers are approaching brick-and-mortar locations as traditional mall merchants recede. Read More

Investment management still a boy’s club

Bloomberg ($)

View new research from Goldman Sachs that illuminates the perennial challenge within the investment management space. Read More

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