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QDC 2020’s agenda is here


Grab the event announcement from Quandl’s CMO Carrie Shaw and dive into the exciting talks fueling data-driven investing’s biggest day. Read the post and explore the agenda

Ghost ships, crop circles, and soft gold

MIT Technology Review

Unveil the mystery plaguing Shanghai’s ports and potentially tainting alternative data sources. Read More

Quants’ golden age in fundamentals

Investment Magazine

Discuss data playgrounds, decades of experience, and quant hubris with Gideon Smith in the latest episode of The Curious Quant podcast. Listen Here

The truth about data science salaries in hedge funds


Debunk the myth of the newly minted data science PhD making 7 figures at a hedge fund. Here are the numbers that are closer to reality. Read More

The Medallion Fund’s 10 biggest holdings

Business Insider ($)

Peer inside the top 10 holdings fueling RenTech’s uber-successful Medallion Fund. Read More »

A case for qualitative research

Financial Times

Step through the importance of qualitative research and consider the implications for the quantamental investor. Read More

Big tech wants your data, not your money

The Economist ($)

Mind your data as big tech enters the financial industry amidst a regulatory torrent. Read More

Two Sigma breaks into private equity

Institutional Investor

Two Sigma’s newest efforts don’t stop with their risk analysis tool. See how the quant fund is breaking into private equity too… Read More

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