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The data wizards’ new hedge fund

Bloomberg ($)

Peer into the new fund, Kvasir Technologies Ltd., embracing disruptive tech such as AI and ML to take on the financial pros. Read More »

5 ways ESG creates value

McKinsey & Co.

Join McKinsey & Co. for an in-depth look at five levers across bottom and top lines that link ESG to value creation. Read More »

Two Sigma’s new risk analysis tool

Business Insider ($)

Tap into Two Sigma’s data expertise with their newly released risk analysis tool, Venn. Read More »

Hedge funds in positive territory


Grab Hedgeweek’s latest report on the hedge fund industry, which points at a good start to the fourth quarter extending industry-wide YTD gains. Read More »

How big investors cash in on alternative data

Bloomberg ($)

Get Bloomberg’s latest take on how the investment industry continues to adopt alternative data at a steady clip. Read More »

Cultivating diversity with Bridgewater

Institutional Investor

Explore how Bridgewater continuously strives to improve diversity and representation, with added tactics for less resource-heavy firms. Read More »

Debunking 5 sustainable investing myths

Visual Capitalist

Flip through the infographic as Visual Capitalist debunks 5 common myths prevalent within the ESG and sustainable investing space. View Here »

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