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How Jim Simons built the best hedge fund ever


Delve into a first look at a new book detailing Jim Simons’ rise to Wall Street and ultimate creation of Renaissance Technology. Read More »

Want to dominate finance? Learn Python

The Globe and Mail

See why BlackRock’s Mark Wiseman considers coding the most important skill for young and upcoming investment managers. Read More »

Visualizing quantamental investing

Visual Capitalist

Visually compare and contrast the worlds of quantitative and fundamental investing in the Visual Capitalist’s latest infographic. View Here » 

5 privacy-centric facts about alt data

Tech Republic

Tackle privacy concerns head on with Tech Republic’s five reasons why alt data is a bastion for consumer privacy. Read More »

Empowering Wall Street’s cloud migration

Business Insider

Explore how exchanges may prove a key factor in accelerating Wall Street’s looming data migration. Read More »

Twilight of the stock pickers

The Wall Street Journal

Track the history of the hedge fund over the past 30 years to see how the changing financial landscape is challenging some of the best in the industry. Read More »

CircleUp hires from AQR for quant investing

Institutional Investor

Follow Ark Shi in his recent move from AQR to CircleUp, poised to tackle quantitative investing in private equity. Read More »

Alt data in action: Amazon’s robot holiday swarm


Skim the report on how robots may be seizing an even larger share of Amazon’s workforce going into the 2019 holiday season. Read More »

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