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Quandl hosts second Alt Data Conference in New York


Quandl’s Alternative Data Conference returns to New York City on January 18 2018. Delve into the nitty-gritty of alternative data adoption for trading strategies. Early-bird pricing in effect. Read More

Robert Mercer to step down from the helm of Renaissance

The New York Times

An illustration of how the worlds of politics and business are colliding in the Donald Trump era. Read More

An interview with Thasos CEO Greg Skibiski

Traders Magazine

The mobile location data expert sits down with Traders Magazine to discuss the usage and adoption of alpha-generating datasets amidst increasing regulatory scrutiny. Read More

Quantopian’s open letter


Quantopian CEO John Fawcett provides an update to the community on the company’s business, including the recent departure of CIO Jonathan Larkin. Read More

GS leads $10 million investment round in Crux


The new data start-up in town is working on a platform that processes large datasets and extracts value for financial firms. Read More

7Park Data releases a new dataset


7Park Data announces the launch of Business Spending Intelligence, a new alternate dataset that provides insights on business expenditures. Read More

Iron ore in a meltdown?


New on our blog: Recent regulations in China are changing the iron ore import/export market. Our CPE dataset sheds predictive light. Read More

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