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Banks selling more data, less analysis

Wall Street Journal (subscription)

Banks have long crunched data on earnings, price targets, and other traditional metrics to produce reports for clients. Now they are increasingly making their data feeds available directly, without the surrounding research notes. Read More

No one reads reports


Referencing the above WSJ report, Bloomberg’s Matt Levine is unsurprised that bank analysts are providing raw data, saying that it’s just giving people more of what they can use and fewer reports that they don’t read. “If you are in the business of providing content that investors will read… you’ve got to give them the content that they want, and these days that means alternative data.” Read More

Alt data the norm for hedge funds, but PE slow to adopt

Institutional Investor

According to EY’s 2018 Global Alternative Fund Survey, hedge funds largely think of alternative data as the new normal and 70% expect to use it regularly. But private equity managers are behind with nearly half not expecting to use this data in the future. Read More

Asset managers accelerate use of alternative data


Advisory firm Element22 posits that there is a four-year journey to full assimilation of alternative data for asset management firms. Those at the mid-point expect to increase their investment by 240% as they begin to reap its benefits. However the majority say their efforts are at an “early stage”. Read More

Where Bezos flies most, and what it may say about Amazon’s HQ2

Washington Post (subscription)

Analysts used corporate flight data to predict the location for Amazon’s second headquarters. As subscribers to Quandl’s Corporate Aviation Intelligence data<know, flight data can successfully identify mergers and other market-moving events. And as Amazon’s response to WaPo shows, companies aren’t fond of having jets tracked. Read More

Alternative data presents due diligence challenge

Castle Hall Diligence

As more hedge funds adopt alternative data, they will need to develop policies to ensure compliance, such as how to evaluate whether non-public information isn’t inside information, whether alt-data vendors are reliable, and whether data adheres to privacy regulations. Read More

Your phone’s location data is worth big money to Wall Street

Wall Street Journal (subscription)

The advent of smartphones means location data is no longer controlled by a few carriers, and it is also much more accurate. Aggregated, this data can paint detailed pictures of how people spend their money.  Read More

Could this new powder save us from an impending data storage crisis?

Silicon Republic

Exponentially rising demand for storage means new solutions are needed, so Belgian researchers have developed a way to use powder as a form of data storage. They believe this to be environmentally friendly, as it reduces the quantities of materials needed to make USB sticks and hard drives and lessens the need for huge energy-consuming servers. Read More

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