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Early bird pricing for Quandl’s conference ends today


Today is the last day to take advantage of early bird pricing for Quandl’s Alternative Data Conference. Save $200+ and join us in New York City on January 18th. Read More

On the quantitative assessment of fine art

Bloomberg Technology

Y-Combinator backed startup, Arthena, looks to tap into AI in order to systematize art investing and provide investment alternatives for high net worth individuals. Read More

Satellites and sensitive sheep blur insider trading

Financial Times

Should every investor have access to the same data? This writer protects his turf and calls for an update to insider trading laws. Read More

My knowledge of sheep is better than yours

Bloomberg View

And then Matt Levine comes along to provide a well-informed rebuttal, claiming it is not a crime to know things others do not. Read More

More on the insider trading front

Financial Post

Canada’s Financial Post covers Quandl along with the alternative data space and takes a classically conservative position. Read More

A new crop of data farmers

The Globe and Mail

Big data is helping to take the guesswork out of farming and breeding a new generation of “data farmers”. Read More

Open information to power innovation


SafeGraph’s CEO outlines two potential futures: the utopian where data is open and accessible and the dystopian version that sees a few firms own all of the world’s most important data. Where will we land? Read More

If data is the new oil, Google wants to sell you the drilling tools

Factor Daily

An in-depth view into Google’s far-reaching applications for AI, including protecting the environment and detecting cancer. Dave Eggers, take note. Read More

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