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Debunking the myths of alternative data


Alpha decay, time horizons and ethics are all addressed in this blog post by Quandl’s Chief Data Officer Abraham Thomas. Read More

Wall Street and the new data paradigm

International Business Times

NYU Computer Science Professor Anasse Bari explains his approach to analyzing alternative data, drawing on swarm intelligence, predictive analytics, machine learning and NLP. Read More

Satellite provider Spire raises $70 million


Spire Global already fights pirates and helps bolster hedge fund returns. Now with its new cash infusion the company wants to make weather forecasting “as accurate as Swiss train schedules”. Read More

Connected car data is more accessible than you think

The Drive

With the rise of the connected car, your driving habits are becoming more readily available for sale. Researchers and McKinsey & Co. predict that vehicle data monetization could become a $750 billion global market by 2030. Read More

Applying deep learning to long-term investing

Euclidean Technologies

Euclidean Technologies summarizes its year-long research on deep learning techniques used to predict earnings, revenue and debt. View Summary »
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Data philanthropy for climate action


The world is searching for data superheroes as the United Nations makes a call for increased “data philanthropy” amidst persisting climate and environmental issues. Read More

Conference alert: AI and Data Science in Capital Markets


The US version of the popular Newsweek Conference is almost upon us. The focal point will be new analysis techniques to apply to new data. Read More

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