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Renaissance, DE Shaw look to quantum computing for edge

Financial Times

The next computing paradigm is drawing major interest from quant hedge funds that demand speed and reliability in their portfolio optimization. Read More

The centralization of the data economy

Financial Times

The idea of creating “data trusts” is resurfacing as governments look to work with independent institutions to encourage data sharing from both public and private sectors. Read More

How-to: A trading strategy using ML


This detailed post from backtesting start-up Auquan will help you select, train and optimize the right model. Read More

When Silicon Valley came to Wall Street

Financial Times

Nothing you don’t already know here but this piece nicely summarizes alt data adoption across capital markets. Read More

Airbnb nabs #1 ranked data scientist


Gilberto Titericz gets poached from Petrobras after achieving grandmaster status on Kaggle. Read More

But this guy might still be available


Kevin Frans is shaking up AI with his senior research paper on retraining AI bots — and he’s still in high school. Read More

Firms trade traders


Citigroup, BlackRock and Citadel appear to be trading quantitatively focused traders as they each reshuffle their equities teams. Read More

Risk management to be upended just like trading

Bloomberg Professional Services

The confluence of big data, high-speed computing and artificial intelligence offers new tools to risk managers. Read More

Susquehanna to bet on sports


The firm will open Dublin-based Nellie Analytics, a unit that will apply the same quantitative rigor to sports betting as they do to investing. Read More

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