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Quandl conference: Early-bird tickets available


View our preliminary speaker list and take advantage of early-bird pricing (through November 30) for ADC 2018. Read More

Nothing awesome is ever easy (subscription)

Funds now realize that they must build new investment strategies to accommodate alternative data — rather than plug it into existing programs. Read More

EY and Greenwich Associates publish 2017 Global Hedge Fund Survey

Ernst & Young

The hedge fund industry is acknowledging the power of business-altering technologies such as blockchain, AI and non-traditional data, according to this new research. Read More   Read Full Report

Real estate industry expects big things from big data

Pensions & Investments

Property managers are looking at consumer data collected at their properties to gain insights into their investments. Read More

Using climate change data to predict investment risk


Deutsche Bank’s asset management division is finding ways to make investors’ portfolios more resilient to climate-related threats. Read More

A legal battle for your professional identity


A detailed account of the legal battle between LinkedIn and HiQ, with some provocative thoughts about data ownership and usage rights. Read More

“I am a Wall Street refugee.”

Tearsheet Podcast

Quandl CEO Tammer Kamel discusses the genesis of the company as well as the evolution of alternative data usage in capital markets. Listen »

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