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BlackRock shelves mysterious – but accurate – AI liquidity models (subscription)

Quants at the world’s largest asset manager shelved promising AI liquidity risk models because they couldn’t explain the output to senior management. Although the neural nets beat other models in tests, the results could not be explained. Read More

Web scraping: risk vs. reward

Data Driven Investor

For hedge funds, web scraping is yielding results. But at what cost? The “legality of automated data collection is still unsettled,” and firms should maintain a healthy paranoia. Read More

Job listings and employee sentiment data hinted at Starbucks’ layoffs


Starbucks on Tuesday said it would cut 350 positions, or 5% of its corporate staff, a move foreshadowed by job listing and employee sentiment data. Read More

Rough year continues for hedge funds, but alt-data fund up in Oct 

Opalesque (subscription)

Opalesque reviews performance of new funds for 2018, including D1 Capital Partners, Tiger Global Management, and HTL Capital Alpha. Read More

Five things you need to know before learning Python for a finance job


Python programmers are in demand at banks and hedge funds. The language is easy to learn – it’s often used in UK primary schools to teach the basics of programming. However, before your first encounter with Python there are a few things you should know. Read More

Data management a cost challenge for financial institutions – S&P

Markets Media

Financial institutions are finding that the costs associated with data analysis go far beyond those of procurement. Businesses may spend up to 10 times more on data integration than they do underlying content, S&P Global Market Intelligence says. Read More

Privacy concerns remain with smartphone geolocation data


Smartphone geolocation data can provide investors with valuable information about such things as consumer spending habits. But stripping such data of personally identifiable information may not be enough to comply with GDPR.  Read More

China AI can identify suspects based on the way they walk


China’s police are using gait recognition to identify citizens who cannot be detected through face recognition. The developer claims the algorithm can ID criminal suspects at up to 50 meters, even when their faces are obscured, although Keyser Söze demonstrated how this system could be gamed as far back as 1995. Read More

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