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Just name your company “Blockchain”


What’s in a name? A century of US stock market data reveals the changing fashions in company naming, and how investors reward firms with names that reflect the zeitgeist (whether or not company fundamentals warrant it). Read More

Talking AI: is data really the new oil?

CityWire Selector

Mathematician Clive Humby famously stated that “data is the new oil.” It’s valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used. It has to be changed into things like gas, plastic, and chemicals to create value, just as data must be broken down and analyzed. It’s a powerful analogy, but is it true? Read More

When quants go rogue: the case for becoming a hired gun


Funds are fighting to hire quants, throwing six-figure salaries at entry-level engineers and data scientists. But some quants are eschewing the steady paycheck in order to work for themselves. Read More

The power of AI targeting and alternative data for institutional investors


Today’s most sophisticated institutional investors are using AI and alternative data to continually add efficiencies, increase their incremental alpha, reduce costs, and comply with an ever-evolving regulatory landscape, including the EU’s revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II). Read More

How Point72 uses quant fundamentals in venture capital


In this video, Matthew Granade, Point72 chief market intelligence officer, tells Bloomberg how the company uses quant fundamentals in venture capital. Read More

AI predicts Berkshire Hathaway at risk from hedge funds

FN London

A study of Warren Buffett’s investment business by a UK-based fintech company that analyses the effects of AI on markets, has estimated that more than $10bn worth of the conglomerate’s holdings may be vulnerable to short-selling hedge funds. Read More

Investors must consider the implications of disruptive technological change

Think Advisor

A new paper from PGIM, the investment management arm of Prudential Financial with $1.2T AUM, delivers a thoughtful perspective on the macroeconomic impact of technological acceleration. (Read the full paper) Read More

Sentieo raises $19m to challenge Bloomberg with AI-powered terminal

Hacker Noon

AI-powered investment-research platform Sentieo is planning a sales and marketing blitz, fueled by a new $19 million Series-A round, as it seeks to challenge the dominance of the Bloomberg Terminal. Read More

20 top lawyers beaten by legal AI

Hacker Noon

A legal AI crushed 20 top US corporate lawyers in a test to find legal issues in five non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), The LawGeex AI achieved an average 94% accuracy rate while the lawyers who achieved an average rate of 85%. It took the lawyers an average of 92 minutes to complete the task, compared to 26 seconds for the AI. The attorneys consider what their defeat may mean for the legal profession. Read More

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