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Funds hunt for the real McCoy in alt-data jungle (subscription)

It’s difficult to find out something genuinely new about a company by poring over social media, data from mobile apps, and other unorthodox information. But it’s not impossible. Four funds give a rare insight into their approaches. Read More

Asset managers accelerating use of alt data and advanced analytics

Bloomberg (subscription)

Investment firms are getting different results from alternative data depending on how far along they are in adoption. As might be expected, advanced adopters are generating sustainable value while new ones still need to invest heavily to build an analytics foundation. Read More

Exchanges step up competition for tech and data dominance

FT and Waters Tech (subscription)

The heads of the biggest US exchanges this week talked about how technology is at the centre of growth strategies. Speaking to the Financial Times, Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman talked about plans to build a data and technology juggernaut (including through the acquisition of Quandl). Meanwhile, NYSE CEO Stacey Cunningham spoke to Waters Technology about how tech is seen as central to the board’s evolution.

Is news sentiment still adding alpha?

Seeking Alpha 

It’s nearly impossible to go to a quant conference without being bombarded with flyers from data vendors and panel discussions on news sentiment. But is there real value? This author made an effort to extract value, with indifferent results. Alpha decay seems a likely culprit. Read More

Satellite data sheds new light on North Korea’s opaque economy

The Economist (subscription)

North Korea may have the worst economic data of any country. But it does emit a bit of light, which orbiting satellites detect, making geo-data one of the only reliable sources of economic information. Read More

How big data can inform investment decisions

Knowledge@Wharton (subscription)

In this podcast, Wharton professor Christina Zhu talks about her research on how investment managers interact with alternative data and how actions by a few investors with exclusive information can impact the behavior of less-informed market participants. Listen Here

AI is a greater threat to human existence than climate change

Business Insider (subscription)

Climate change is unlikely to bring about a good outcome, but if AI’s development turns out badly, it’ll be far worse than climate change. An Oxford philosopher followed by Bill Gates and Elon Musk says AI could be great for humanity, but it could also turn out really, really, badly.  Read More

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