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The quants run Wall Street now

The Wall Street Journal (subscription)

For decades, investors imagined a time when data-driven traders who live by algorithms rather than instincts would become kings of Wall Street. That day has arrived. Read More

Tudor Investment backs CargoMetrics, Numerai


Paul Tudor Jones strengthens his bet in the future of alternative data by adding CargoMetrics to his portfolio of AI-powered funds. Read More

Big data goes alternative

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha covers the rise of alternative data for investing and wonders whether we will drown in a sea of bytes or find the signal among the noise. Read More

Quants are not saving the world

Bloomberg View

Matt Levine nails it as usual, this time with the level of self-awareness he ascribes to Silicon Valley versus Wall Street. Scroll to the “Quants quants quants quants” section for a chuckle. Read More

The rise of amateur oil sleuths

The Wall Street Journal (subscription)

Alternative data for crude trading goes mainstream. Hidden data sources that can predict the price of oil are being surfaced — and given away. Read More

Start-ups powering the future of farming and agribusiness

CB Insights

Interested in the potential of alternative data for agtech? Have a look at this CB Insights infographic, with coverage of over 100 start-ups in the space. Read More

Alt data arrives to the insurance sector

PR Newswire

Carpe Data uses real-time web and social data to offer insights to the underwriting and claims process for the insurance industry. Here they announce their Series A raise of $6.6 million. Read More

Peter Hafez to speak at CQF Institute


Join RavenPack’s Chief Data Scientist, Peter Hafez, in London on June 12 as he presents his work on “Exploiting Alternative Data in the Investment Process”. Read More

Wall Street Wants Your Data [Webinar Recording]


Watch a recap of Quandl’s webinar on monetizing data for Wall Street, which took place earlier this afternoon. Watch the Recording »

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