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Renaissance and Two Sigma now second biggest hedge funds in US


Renaissance and Two Sigma experience explosive growth as investors build enthusiasm for hedge funds that use computers, math and big data to generate big returns. Read More

Transforming the discretionary portfolio manager


This long-form piece from Estimize is required reading for anyone who wants to understand the massive upheaval in the discretionary institutional management industry. Read More

Nasdaq unveils alternative data offering

Markets Media

Nasdaq gets in the alternative data game with the announcement of their analytics hub, which combines alternative data with basic machine learning. Read More

Organizing talent to succeed with alternative data

Integrity Research Associates

We agree with Yipit Data’s assessment of how to recruit and organize a team that will succeed with alternative data. Hint: Keep your engineers and your quants very close together. Read More

The hedge fund “Rich List”

Bloomberg View

Bloomberg’s Matt Levine offers his thoughts on the hedge-fund “Rich List”, noting that while the usual suspects cracked the top 5, their actual earnings are less impressive than years past. Read More

The future of AI will be fueled by unstructured data


This article predicts that AI will transform business much as electricity did a century ago, but not until AI algorithms properly encompass unstructured data. Read More

Corporate events plus data equals trading opportunity

Markets Media

It may not be the sexiest form of alternative data but Wall Street Horizon’s Barry Star is convinced that rich, detailed corporate event tracking produces returns. Read More

Join Quandl’s webinar: “Wall Street Wants Your Data”


Quandl’s webinar on monetizing data for Wall Street is happening Thursday May 25 at 1:00pm ET. Register today to learn everything you need to know about selling your exhaust data. Read More

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