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The many rewards of paying bills late

Bloomberg View

Quandl partner Dun & Bradstreet presented research on the significance of late payments at our Alternative Data Conference back in January. Bloomberg summarizes. Read More See the Data

Succeeding with alternative data and machine learning

Domino Data Lab

Data scientist Kathryn Hume recently left Fast Forward Labs to join Toronto-based Before she left, she gave this informative talk on succeeding with alternative data. Read Article

Data replaces oil as world’s most valuable resource

The Economist

According to The Economist, data has become “the oil of the digital era.” While this has created opportunity for tech titans, it also raises questions about data antitrust laws. Read More

MapD open sources GPU-powered database


MapD continues to innovate. They have open sourced the MapD Core database and associated visual libraries, enabling others to harness the power of GPUs. Read More

Wall Street wants your waste

Waste Dive

Quandl CEO Tammer Kamel chimes in on an odiferous alternative data source: waste production. It’s true what they say — “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Read More

Powering lending portfolios with alternative data [Web Seminar]

National Mortgage News

Buy-side alternative data provider Yodlee sets their sights on the lending community, offering their data to power lending portfolios. Read More

Neudata names Dr. Robert Benson advisor in London

Automated Trader

Neudata recently appointed Stephen Morse as advisor in the US. Now they’ve named Dr. Robert Benson as an advisor in London. Read More

All the president’s friends: political access and firm value

The National Bureau of Economic Research

This paper suggests that corporate executive meetings with policymakers predict positive abnormal stock returns (abstract only). Read More

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