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BlackRock ramps up research on AI, automated trading, alternative data

Pulse 2.0

BlackRock founded AI Labs last year to accelerate tech innovation. It’s since expanded to a staff of 30, about a third of whom are PhDs, working on projects such as an automated bidding engine for securities and further alternative data use. Read More

UK starts using alternative data for official CPI

Press release

The UK’s Office for National Statistics will start using alternative data to calculate inflation. The ONS said it will include point-of-sale scanner data as well as scraped prices from retailers’ websites to produce more timely and granular inflation statistics. Read More

Economists create own benchmarks to counter India’s dubious data


Economists covering India are starting to use alternative data sources due to their low confidence in official numbers. Among the datasets they prefer are indicators like car sales, air and rail cargo levels, and proprietary indices to track the economy. Read More

Is the $2B reference data market set for a shake-up?


With data being said to be akin to the “new oil” and one of the world’s most valuable resources, could a challenger and disruptive data provider be poised to disrupt the $2 billion reference data industry? Read More

AQR publishes framework for an ESG strategy

Institutional Investor

Though hedge funds lag their asset management counterparts in developing ESG investments, AQR leads the pack by releasing a framework on responsible investing in partnership with the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment. Read More

Hedge funds excited about machine learning, but do clients understand it?

Business Insider (subscription)

Now that machine learning has become a buzzword, investors are putting their money into funds and businesses claiming machine-learning expertise. Unfortunately, amid a frothy market there is often no way to confirm such expertise.  Read More

The answer to Uber’s profit challenge may lie in its trove of data


Uber has never made a profit and burns through cash at a prodigious rate. Yet it has high-value data on who uses it, how they use it, and where they go. All of this data, a source says, can become a source of revenue.  Read More

Better data increases appeal of emerging markets

Institutional Investor

Pension funds, endowments, and other large institutional investors are turning to emerging markets in search of returns, as the increasing availability of alternative data and ESG research are compensating for a historical lack of quality information. Read More

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