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Data mining is trash

Waters Technology ($)

Pull from Matthew Rothman’s QDC2020 presentation—and other expert takes— on data mining, spurious correlations, and what it means to really know your… Read More

Covid-19: Capital is (partially) the cure

Wall Street Journal

Hear from Nasdaq’s CEO, Adena Friedman, how markets have adjusted and rebounded from pandemic-level events in the past. Read More

When data goes dark: Alt data’s unhedgeable risk

Business Insider

Learn how alt data providers, such as Quandl, respond when data suppliers are taken off the board. Read More

Don’t believe the hype: AI and fund management

Financial Times ($)

Cite “newfangled alternative data” as part of fund management’s traversal through the trough of disillusionment in this opposing Financial Times piece. Read More

Head of quant trading leaves Point 72

Financial News ($)

Follow a prominent industry move as more traditional investors attempt to embrace quant strategies. Read More

China suppressed Covid-19 with AI & big data


Get details on how Chinese authorities managed to assess at-risk outbreak areas using geolocation data pulled from your average cell phone. Read More

Mississippi introduces Consumer Data Privacy Act


See Mississippi’s new plans to institute a data privacy act—stricter than California’s— in July of 2021. Read More

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