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Digital oil field could add $1 trillion to the world’s economy

Bloomberg Technology

An industry that only uses about one percent of the data it generates is trying to harness it to see where to pump more oil faster for less money. Read More

Authorized use of Facebook data can do a lot of good

Bloomberg View

You’ve probably read all about the Cambridge Analytica-Facebook scandal. In this piece, Bloomberg opines on why we shouldn’t overreact. Read More

Numerai will give $1M in crypto tokens to Kaggle users


The hedge fund incentivizes its members by giving them digital tokens they can stake during algo tournaments. Winning algorithms are then selected based on how they perform on the live market and rewarded with more tokens. Read More

Proof that information pays


Researchers find that funds accessing one or more SEC filings in a month exhibit 1.5 percent higher annualized abnormal returns in the next month. Renaissance Technologies and BlackRock were among the top users of this data. Read More

Sentiment data is still thriving


Social media analytics company Dataminr has stealthily opened a Seattle office. The company says it has now raised more than $180M and employs close to 400 people worldwide. Read More

Exec Q&A: Petra Wikström, BNP Paribas

Traders Magazine

Petra Wikström of BNP Paribas shares her thoughts on the buy-side’s use of artificial intelligence, alternative data and trade cost analysis to generate alpha. Read More

M Science launches Mobile Supply Chain Data for wireless semiconductors

Business Wire (Press Release)

The new offering provides a comprehensive view of SKU-level sales volume, highlighting key trends for over 50 global smartphone component manufacturers. Read More

Will BlackRock’s algorithms beat the fund managers?

Financial Times (Subscription)

BlackRock hopes that SAE will not only become its own “quant” powerhouse but also help transform its wider business by incubating new techniques and data sources that will be spread across its asset management complex. Read More

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