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10 alt data sources to outpace Covid-19

Business Insider

Consider these data sources if you’re looking to build strategies to outpace the market in volatile times. Read More

Neudata opens up datasets for select groups

PR Newswire

Step boldly into action with Neudata as they open up their data scouting platform to academics, governments, and healthcare institutions to help data scientists track the virus. Read More

Quants bear brunt of volatility

Financial News

With certain bans on short selling, get details on quant funds that are fighting the downturn while other market participants ride a volatility wave. Read More

A $1.7B Quant fears bond crisis


Hear one quant’s take on why a golden rule of investing falling apart signals challenging times ahead… and what to do about it. Read More

Using your data to monitor pandemic movement


See how Google and Facebook are in talks with the White House to share collective data on people’s movements during the pandemic. Read More

The alt data defining Covid-plagued markets


Pick up a report of the alt data behind Covid-19’s most impacted industries, companies, and topics. Read More

Mapping the Coronavirus outbreak


View the map that breaks down cases and fatalities of the virus across the globe, as well as other metrics. View Now

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