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Icebergs, chameleons and vipers: A survey of FX execution


In this Quandl original, we examine how newfound transparency in the FX market will change execution strategies. Read More

Top alternative data providers talk promise, challenges of alt data

YAHOO! Finance

A summary of Day 1 of the Newsweek/IBT data science in capital markets event, which took place in London on March 1. Read More

The race for autonomous cars is over. Silicon Valley lost.


Companies like Google and Apple are giving up on making cars but they’re not giving up on the auto industry. This is another area where Silicon Valley could play a dominant role in alternative data. Read More

Data is the new IP


A prominent venture capitalist poses an important question. In the data-driven economy, what is more important: the data or the algorithms? The answer will surprise you. Read More

Many (still) using Twitter to make trading decisions

Epoch Times

Lockheed Martin, Lululemon and the famous “hash crash” of 2013 —  a summary of the power (and perils) of computatively analyzing Twitter. Read More

Top hedge funds of 2016 share their bets for this year


Top-ranked hedge fund managers share their bets for 2017 across event-driven, multistrategy and long-short equity styles. Read More

The insurance industry is the next consumer of alternative data

Financial Times

From insuring driverless cars to peer-to-peer risk pooling, insurance will be enormously different in the future, thanks in large part to the rise of the data economy. Read More

The challenge of sorting good data from bad data (video)


Our founder, Tammer Kamel, speaks with Newsweek senior writer and finance editor Leah McGrath Goodman about the challenge of sorting good data from bad data. Read More

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