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Markets drill data during Corona Correction

Traders Magazine

Discover why Traders Magazine defines the Corona Correction as a data-driven response to a fast-shifting set of circumstances. Read More

The Data Science Revolution

Pensions & Investments

Read the deep dive into the Data Science Revolution in relation to quant and fundamental investing, and discover what “seeing beyond the hype” will yield. Read More

Bridgewater bets big against European companies

Business Insider ($)

See how Ray Dalio’s fund has made an $11.8B bet against European companies like Adidas, Bayer and more in light of recent events. Read More

Pandemic? Say goodbye to data privacy


Understand the breadth of powers the CDC takes on in the event of a pandemic, including what data they have at their disposal. Read More

Market turmoil brings windfalls for some

Financial Times ($)

Gather details on the short list of funds—many quants—that have seen windfalls from betting on market volatility. Read More

Amplifying doubt with algorithmic trading


Learn why algorithmic trading is called a “dangerous accelerant” by some in the wake of Monday’s market slump. Read More

Nasdaq acquires fintech firm Solovis


Focused on building a continued data analytics and reporting suite, Nasdaq has recently announced their acquisition of fintech firm Solovis. Read More

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