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The big data scramble in markets still relies on people

Financial Times

We are at the dawn of an intriguing new era in sourcing, harmonizing and analyzing a large collection of unconventional, market-relevant information. But according to David Hand, “technology is advancing faster than people are learning.” Read More

How a $26 billion hedge fund lures the beautiful minds

Bloomberg Technology

Competition to find the best and brightest in data science continues. Citadel is running 18 “datathons” across the US and the UK with a top prize of $100K, while WorldQuant offers algo designers the right to keep their IP. Read More

Goldman Sachs’ lessons from the ‘quant quake’

Financial Times

Nearly a decade after a public unraveling, quantitative investing is once again the hottest trend in finance — but with a little more humility this time. Read More

Acadian strikes deal with Microsoft for Bing Predicts


Quant firm Acadian Asset Management strikes a deal with Microsoft to become the first investment firm to use Bing search data and Bing Predicts to bolster economic predictions. Read More

Machine-learning start-up Kensho raises $50 million

Boston Business Journal

Our friends at Kensho, the machine-learning start-up, have raised $50 million in a Series B round led by S&P Global, with participation from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and others. Read More

Asset managers embrace fintech

Global Trading

Bill Stephenson, Global Head of Trading for Franklin Templeton Investments, examines the dramatic changes alternative data and disruptive technologies will bring to asset management. Read More

Conference Alert: DataDisrupt, March 29-30, NYC


Join Quandl CEO Tammer Kamel at DataDisrupt, a two-day event dedicated to the data analytics ecosystem in financial services. Read More

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