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Why big pharma wants your health records

Business Insider

A fascinating piece on the power of health and medical data as well as the thorny issues of access and patient privacy. Read More

Kensho selling to S&P Global for a historic $550 million


That the biggest AI deal comes out of Wall Street (from a 158-year institution no less) and not Silicon Valley, shows just how much the future of finance might rely on bots over brokers. Read More

Point 72 wants to bridge quants and money managers

Bloomberg Markets

Founder Steve Cohen has named Kirk McKeown director of proprietary research to oversee three different groups: Aperio, Data Sourcing and Strategy, and Point of the Spear. Read More

Mark Ainsworth discusses Schroders’ alternative data strategy (Subscription)

Key takeaway: The insights alternative data generates are meant to empower analysts — not replace them. Read More

Blackstone revs up its data exhaust

FundFire (Subscription)

Blackstone plans to mine its own portfolio companies — which includes Thomson Reuters Corp’s F&R division — for data, both for investments and third-party market value. Read More

How to turn data exhaust into a competitive edge


At Quandl, we love external validation. Wharton confirms: “Don’t let your IoT data exhaust go to waste. It just might contain the insights to fuel competitive advantage.” Read More

Location data, location data, location data

The Wall Street Journal (Subscription)

Location data is a high-value target for both hackers and investment professionals. WSJ discusses the importance of data decentralization and the different measures needed to prevent a massive breach. Read More

The Milken Institute reports on the fintech industry

Crowdfund Insider

The incessant pace of innovation in the financial services space driven by technological advancements has resulted in multiple points of friction between “new finance” and “old regulation.” Read More

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