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BlackRock slashes fees, invests in data

Business Insider

BlackRock is cutting $30 million in fees on some of its actively managed funds. It is also investing heavily in data and rolling out nine new funds managed by its quantitative investing group. Read More

Hedge funds are training their computers to think like you


After several winters of AI, quant funds are applying deep-learning algorithms to mimic the ideal trader’s brain. Read More

Neural networks and suspicious edge


Matt Levine is back and humorous as ever, giving us his take on how hedge funds use neural networks to find trading signals. Read More

Eton Park to shut down as hedge fund industry faces turmoil

The New York Times

In a letter to investors, Eton Park CEO Eric Mindich said a mix of challenging market conditions and poor performance have led to the decision to shutter operations. Read More

Don’t name your hedge fund “Moderate Capital”

Institutional Investor

What’s in a name? A lot, apparently, when it comes to hedge funds. Investors allocate more flows to names with gravitas, even if the returns aren’t there. Read More

Bloomberg terminal base shrinks in 2016


Bloomberg sees its terminal user base shrink for only the second time in its 36-year history. Read More

MapD secures $25 million in Series B funding


Congratulations to our friends at MapD, who have secured $25 million in funding for their use of powerful GPUs to speed up analysis of large datasets. Read More

Elon Musk’s billion-dollar crusade to stop the AI Apocalypse

Vanity Fair

Elon Musk seriously thinks that AI could turn evil on us and he is taking steps to ensure humanity is prepared. Read More

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