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Essential data feeds for artificial intelligence

Quandl Blog

In this post, we describe the top five data feeds most commonly requested by our AI/ML customers. Read More

MiFID II is live. Will the financial content industry adapt or ossify?

Institutional investor

A desire for more transparent and fairer markets drove the EU to implement MiFID II. The response from the sell-side has been both swift and predictable: a good old-fashioned price war. Read More

Europe’s new privacy law will change the web and more


GDPR has already spurred, or contributed to, changes in data-collection practices. The law’s emphasis on consent, control and clear explanations could also prompt shifts in corporate data-handling practices. Read More

Big data and the risks of insider trading

Bloomberg Law

Does it matter if a hedge fund “inadvertently” trades on material nonpublic information (“MNPI”)? What follows are best practices to prevent – or in the worst case, mitigate – liability for insider trading in connection with the use of big and alternative data. Read More

Sentieo raises $6M in funding


The round was led by Clocktower Ventures and Long Focus Capital, with participation from angel investors, including David Flaschen and Howard Lindzon. Read More

To understand big data, convert it to sound

Network World

The sonification of big data will help people better understand and analyze big data as well as detect anomalies in the data, say researchers at Virginia Tech. Read More

Quandl launches exclusive Tesla demographics data

Business Wire (Press Release)

Industry analysts are not convinced that Tesla will meet its Q1 target, but the degree by which they will miss is a subject of great debate. Quandl’s data feed can help investors determine Tesla’s progress ahead of analysts, estimates and production reports. Read More

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