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Teza sells high-speed trading as lucrative business sours

Financial Times

Teza sells its high-speed trading business to Houston-based Quantlab Financial for an estimated US $20–30 million. Read More

Goldman building robo-adviser for the masses


Goldman Sachs seeks to broaden their customer base by building a robo-adviser geared to mass affluent customers. Read More goes back to basics to outperform hedge funds


Google Fellow and Oxford PhD launches, a machine learning-powered hedge fund that aims to outperform Numerai, Quantopian and others with a unique recipe for seeking alpha. Read More

RavenPack secures $5m investment

Finance Magnates

We’re thrilled for our friends at RavenPack, who have secured $5 million in funding from Draper Esprit to broaden access to their unstructured data analytics. Read More

Foursquare offers Analytics product for retailers

Marketing Land

Foursquare continues its transformation into a data company by announcing Foursquare Analytics, a dashboard that captures retailer foot traffic. Read More

Banks and tech firms battle over data

New York Times

Banks may soon restrict the data they pass to fintech aggregators like Yodlee and Betterment, which could hurt the value of these datasets for investors. Read More

Rise of the machines


Join Quandl CEO Tammer Kamel for a rousing panel on AI and alternative data at DataDisrupt in New York City on March 30. Read More

We asked, you answered!


Thanks to those of you who answered our Alternative Data Weekly survey. We’ve published a brief summary of the results for your review. Read More

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