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Q&A: LegalShield’s Economic Indexes

Seeking Alpha

LegalShield data recently predicted the current slowdown in home sales. SA interviews James Rosseau about this dataset (available via Quandl). Read More

Quants warn over flaws in machine learning predictions

This piece brings together different perspectives on the status of machine learning and artificial intelligence in investment strategies. One key takeaway: The data that powers machine learning could be its Achilles heel. Read More

Hedge funds using AI just had their worst month ever


Eurekahedge reports that AI quants and CTAs both got hammered by the first equity correction in two years. Read More

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Spurious correlations are kryptonite of hedge fund’s AI rush

Financial Times (Subscription)

One of the biggest risks of using AI for investment purposes is the potential for false correlations. Using machine learning to sniff out patterns in vast digital datasets is particularly vulnerable to overfitting. Read More

Baidu Apollo releases the world’s largest dataset for self-driving cars


Baidu has announced the release of ‘Apollo Scape’, billed as the world’s largest open-source dataset for autonomous driving technology. Read More

What gender diversity looks like at top hedge funds?

FundFire (Subscription)

On average, women hold 11.2% of all senior positions at hedge funds and 6% of roles on investment and portfolio management teams. Things are changing. But are they changing fast enough? Read More

Point72 is growing its Data Sourcing and Strategy team


If you’re a skilled data strategist and looking, take note. Read More

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