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Viking joins other “Tiger Cubs”

Bloomberg Markets

The $25 billion shop has staffed a quant team, following the “paradigm shift” in the industry. Read More

Navigating the hurdles of alternative data

WatersTechnology (Subscription)

Max Bowie looks at the practical challenges of dealing with alternative data, and how firms are using data science to speed up the process and start generating alpha faster. Read More

Do all investors benefit from alternative data?


Debunking the myth that the advantages of new data get arbitraged away, and supporting the adage: adapt or die. Read More

10 tips to avoid an alternative data hangover


RavenPack’s CEO Armando Gonzalez came up with 10 important questions financial institutions should ask when choosing an alternative data provider. Read More

7 takeaways from Warren Buffett’s letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders


See how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act affected Berkshire’s book value. Read More

Following breach, Equifax unveils Analytics Dataset


The product offers borrower-level data and includes credit risk scores, debt levels and delinquency status. The key question: Is it whitewashed beyond recognition? Read More

Volatility 101

FT Alphaville

Robin Wiggleworth’s erudite and well-researched history of volatility, including a lengthy discussion of Vix’s evolution. Read More

Free webinar: Unlocking the Value of FX Transaction Data (03/06 | 12:00pm ET)


FX professionals are adopting volume data now that it’s been proven to confirm price. Quandl CDO Abraham Thomas describes a reversion strategy using executed trade data from CLS. Join us at this webinar. Register Now »

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